No English Allowed


The Aion team has released an official server poll (in comparison with the multitude of unofficial ones on the forums. And guess what?  You cannot choose English as your native language if you live in Europe.  :D

I chose Portuguese.


And the funniest thing from the forums?  The person who posted “But English isn’t a native language!”  Meaning, I suppose, that “native languages” are spoken by natives – you know, darker people who live somewhere else. Not us.


5 thoughts on “No English Allowed”

  1. I thought about Gorgos…I don’t connect enough with any of the characters yet to want to roleplay them, but RP servers tend to have more mature types, and less l33tspk.

  2. Priceless…

    English isn’t a native language, I’m gonnna dine out on that one for months, idiots.

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