Nightmaere’s Big Day

In honor of the Midsummer Fire Festival, I decided to take Nightmaere to Ogrimmar to meet our horde neighbors, say a friendly hello, and honor their fire. Ok, maybe she was planning on dishonoring it, but what the hell. For some reason (partly to do with the fact that I was closer, but partly to do with the fact that I am stubborn) I decided to try to get there from Azshara rather that fly back down to Ratchet and run from there.

Swimming to Ogrimmar

Finding strange things to see along the way – SO much created but unused content in this area.

Entering the gates. “Here I go!  Eeeeeeeeeeee…”



“Where’s the Valley of Wisdom? Where the hell am I? Oops, another guard. Eeeeeeeeee…”

“…eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Here we are! Where’s the fire, where’s the fire…”

Made it.  :D

2 thoughts on “Nightmaere’s Big Day”

  1. That landing pad thingy is actually used in some quest where you get a flare gun to call on some gnome or goblin pilot or summin like that, don’t remember exactly. =)

  2. Ah, cool, thanks – after two 70s and a 60, plus assorted other alts, I’m still finding quests that I totally missed. :D

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