New Year’s Eve: Resolutions

My resolutions from last year:

“…Thirdly, I’ve broken my resolutions to a) be more positive and not amuse myself by thinking terrible things about people, b) to not be so angry all the time, and c) to not use such terrible language. Well, what the fuck.

I resolve to be more pro-active this year. I will be the sleeping princess who wakes herself up.”

Hmmmn. Well, let’s try again. lol…

1. I want to be healthier; no going-on-a-diet resolutions, but I do want to cut out the junk food and crap. Also I want to exercise on a regular basis.

2. I will, iwilliwilliwill, find another job after the start of the year.

3. I want to travel.

So there. Reasonable resolutions for once. And luck to you all in keeping yours. :)

1 thought on “New Year’s Eve: Resolutions”

  1. Happy New Year to you and good luck with your resolutions. They seem very similar to mine, I think we all want to be fitter, happier and have more freedom.

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