New Year’s Eve, Part II

I finally got into the arena, and Kip was great! *bounce* A little nervous, as it was dark and he is terrified of the dark, so he wanted to circle around any shadowy spots, but otherwise very good. :)

We’re having a quiet night tonight, as we really don’t have the money to go anywhere, and I think neither of us are in the mood. Phil is cooking, I am trying to regain some feeling in my frozen fingers and toes, and all is well.

Even Gemma the Posh Pony Girl couldn’t break my mood. She must be ten, with french-braided blonde hair, a silver Welsh pony that probably cost three times what Kip did, and a manner of speaking that would leave one to believe that she learned to speak by listening to speeches by the Queen. I expect her to do that royal wave thing as she’s riding. She’s small enough to drop-kick, but I suspect she’s a lot more vicious than I am so I had better not. She reminds me of Estella, the girl in Great Expectations who was raised by Miss Havisham to be her revenge on the male sex. Gemma will make someone very unhappy someday, no doubt about that. Poor bastard. lol…

Ok, enough character assassination of little girls. I had resolved to be more positive this coming year, and already I’m failing. ;)

Have a wonderful night, everyone. Be careful, and have fun.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve, Part II”

  1. If any comfort, that was a very cheerful character assassination and made me laugh :)

    hey, if you gotta do it, at least do it upbeat

  2. lol…I suppose that’s true. :)

    This is the girl, by the way, who had her pony tied in the aisle, and when I asked her if she could move him over for just a minute so I could get Kip out of his stall (as he was a stallion and not safe in close proximity to other horses) replied “No, I’m not prepared to do that right now,” and sashayed away with her tiny nose in the air. Grrr….

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