New Superhero


Meet the new addition to the house, which was an early birthday present. Unnamed yet, as we’re arguing over names (my choice of Japanese names were voted down, unfortunately, so I think it will be Chaos for his destructive abilities, or Laurence, so we can nickname him Lol and have a lolcat). He is the tiniest bundle of cuteness that you’ll ever see…it’s his superhero power, and we’re all helpless before it.  :D  He was helping me in Kara last night, which was interesting.  Try playing with the tiniest cat ever attached to the back of your mouse hand with all claws out, and see how easy it is.

I tried Eye of the Storm with Kit last night, had three easy Alliance wins, and really enjoyed it although I haven’t the faintest where anything is. I used to really enjoy PvP with her, AV being my favourite.  I was briefly on an arena team and dropped out again (40g!!!) because it was too much like duelling, which I hate and refuse to do.  There’s some semi-decent honor gear available, so I might just start doing more of it.

Karazhan with the other group was great, and we cleared the instance in just over five hours.  Ravven got her tier headpiece, and a very nice staff to replace the one that I’d bought on the AH.  All in all, a very good night, and I logged off quite happy about it. I got to see the last boss that I hadn’t seen (Illhoof) and the two bosses that I’d seen, but not got down yet: Prince and Nightbane.  Very fun, satisfying run.

SSC tonight, if I can get online in time.  And then after that, I need to spend less time raiding until I can get my horse Lizzie sold.  *sad panda face*

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