New Starts

I had a productive weekend despite the lure of the too seldom seen sun, and managed to get a lot of work done.

First, Goodreads (the site for all the book nerds amongst us). This probably could more accurately be described as a work avoidance strategy, but it was still something that I’d wanted to do for some time. I scanned 632 books with a barcode scanner app, and uploaded a .csv to the site. I had thought that I must have over a thousand books, but that’s what it came to (without scanning the downstairs bookshelves – my OCDness is screaming, though, because it is not complete. And then came the task of separating them into shelf categories. Again, work avoidance, but satisfying in a very obsessive-compulsive way.

I reserved several domain names for a new business that I want to start (one of three, actually) and began working on the site. if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that the recession has been tough for P and I. Living in a small village in Staffordshire, we’re not well placed for eCommerce/Marketing Manager positions, which all seem to be on the other end of the country. As a conswequence, I’ve been thinking about a total career change. The money would be tough to give up (as a web project manager I can earn £50k-£70k, theoretically, although I’m earning substantially less in this position). But I’m absolutely miserable. So, one of the plans is to go back to high-end portrait photography. Not wedding and high street photography, mind you – I’m talking proper portraits on stretched canvas, with my artwork both digital and traditional. I’ve always wanted to do fantasy portraits, both of children and also boudoir. Not cheap-n-cheesy boudoir, but elegant fantasy portraits that you would display proudly – even if only in the bedroom.

For instance, a portrait of my niece:


I did find that it is quite difficult to do a site for fairytale children’s porttraits and fantasy boudior…I have a creepy vibe going on right now. I may need to rethink this. :)

I also played a bit of Rift, and gave Forsaken World another try. Nope…it’s beautiful, but ultimately empty. Since I’d purchased the recent content for Fable III, I loaded that up as well, but spent the time before bed trying to remember where everything was, how I got back to my personal room, and so on. So, not much gaming but hopefully some profitable work.

New starts are always exciting.

3 thoughts on “New Starts”

  1. How would that work? Would you be willing to take existing photographs (for people who live too far away) and put them into artwork like that?

    If so, I would totally get something like that done for my wife.

  2. Hey Arani!!! :) By all means, my first customer.

    Any Ty? No, this would be primarily photography, so I would take the photos. But it gives you and your wife an excuse to visit England. :D

    It will take a while to build up a studio, so it will be some time before I have 1) a proper studio to shoot in and 2) the right equipment. The kid stuff I can do outside, with just reflectors and so on, so that is my start.

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