New Horizons

I’ve been thinking about the options that are open to me now. Where do I want to go? I need to look for another job (one that pays a LOT more than I make now, and also one that provides a challenge)…but where? I don’t think I’d move to London, as it’s too expensive. Gloucestershire would be pretty and trendy and horsey…I don’t know about the job situation there, however. I want a country-ish/horsey area with good job opportunities, and being close enough to make short trips into London would be very nice.

I probably won’t decide immediately…but it is VERY nice to suddenly have options. I feel much more in charge.

I’d like to have the chance to do some of the things that Phil and I talked about doing originally: exploring Europe, exploring here (Cornwall, Wales, etc.). I want to go to Paris for Valentine’s Day, as we had talked about but were not able to afford at the time. I want to go to London and have the chance to show him things that I really loved (Tower of London, British Museum) that he is unfamiliar with. There is so much that I want to do.

Ireland, for instance. Of course, every American is Irish at heart. But it would mean so much to explore the area that my family came from. I wanted to wait until my family could do it with me, but I will go alone if I can’t get them over here.

I feel that I have finally arrived, if that makes any sense. I can finally start living, rather than waiting.

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