New Home For Kitsune

I’ve been a bit meh about playing recently, not helped by a week straight from the depths of hell.  (Note to self: when you demonstrate a cool new feature to the owner of the company, don’t do it the week before a big presentation for investors.  Because the next thing that you hear -duh- is “can you have it ready in a week?”) So most of the time I would finally make it home, think about logging on, think about looking for yet another bad PUG, and decide to read and drink vodka instead.  I was wondering if I was on the downslide to quitting.

Today I tried to get a PUG somewhere (didn’t happen), I respecced Ravven to Affliction, which I’ve never tried, and joined a guild on Kit.  There were some really nice people that I grouped with on a Mechanar or Botanica run, and they’d asked several times during the run if I wanted to join the guild.  Today I did.  I feel so much better…they’re just starting Kara, so everyone is still doing a lot of 5-mans, which is what I need.  I’d thought about joining a pure roleplay guild on her, but decided that the reason that I was ready to quit was the lack of groups to do things with, and so that’s what I really needed.

I signed up for the “learning group” Kara run today on Ravven, as I haven’t the foggiest idea how I should play an Affliction spec. I’ll miss 7k crits, and she won’t be as viable in 5-mans, but I haven’t been doing any of those on her anyway.  From what I’ve read and heard, your dps seems to come from putting DoTs on as many mobs as possible, and lifedraining rather than shadowbolting – ?  Seems weak in terms of DPS, but probably I just don’t understand how it works.  I was just tired of her doing so much less damage than Kit does – perhaps that’s an unfair comparison, though.

Anyway, I’ve managed to cross a few things off my To Do list this weekend, and now I’m going to go and paint the hall before Kara starts.  See my halo?

2 thoughts on “New Home For Kitsune”

  1. A well-geared, well-played destruction warlock will thrash any hunter of any spec and any gear on flat out dps in a raid. Hunters compensate with more raid useage – TSA, trapping, OTing etc.

  2. I’m just judging that based on how long it takes to kill things while grinding…that’s part of the reason (aside from downtime) why I always grind on Kit and never on Ravven – who is a very well-geared lock. Even when she was destro, it seemed to take ages to kill things.

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