New Home for Kip?

A girl came out yesterday to try Kip…I liked her a LOT, and think this might be good for him. She is just starting university, so is looking for a horse that she can take lessons on for at least a year before starting any kind of a serious competitive plan. She’s very tall, and so is looking for a big horse, and she’s selling her present horse, which sounds a lot like Lizzie and has put her in the hospital twice (!!!), so she’s looking for a sane, confidence-building horse. She rode him really well, once she got him moving out for her (I kept telling her to not be afraid to really give him a thump with her heels when he needs it – he takes a LOT of leg). She has a gorgeous seat and quiet hands, very nice rider. We went out on a short ride out on the streets so that she could see how he was in traffic, and of course he was good.

I really liked her a lot. She was the kind of girl that you never seem to see anymore: probably 18, but a sweet, normal 18-year-old (not a hard 40-year-old in an 18-year-old’s body), very intelligent and pretty and sweet. They’ve put an enormous amount of money into her present horse, everything from vets to animal communicators, to try to figure out why he’s so vicious, so I think they’d take good care of Kip.

I’m still uncertain about selling him, but I feel so much better having seen her ride him. I would be happy for her to have him, if they do decide to buy (she has to ask her father – her trainer brought her out). I think he liked her, too.

8 thoughts on “New Home for Kip?”

  1. You really can’t ask for better than that– if they like eachother and you feel she’ll take good care of Kip, then I’d say Fate has dropped an excellent choice into your lap. Hopefully it will work out and everyone will be happy. (Especially Kip!)

  2. This does seem promising, a good home and a new friend to grow with, hopefully it will work out. I feel for the young woman, I’ve been there with my own vicious animal, whom I’ve just seen for sale at a reduced price … heaven help the person who buys her this time.

  3. Yes, I really felt that he liked her. He doesn’t get all soft with most people, and he was hanging his head over hers, sniffing her hair and lipping it – I think he really liked her.

  4. God, that’s scary – imagine someone without the experience to realise what they were taking on. So dangerous.

  5. good luck with that. Hopefully it will be a good match! I guess you gotta take it with some humility too, that Kip wasn’t right for you but might be right for someone else. Who knows, it might be a good thing for him ;). Hope it works out well!!

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