New Guild

Well, I joined one of the guilds that I had run Mechanar with, the nice guys who weren’t an RP guild.  I just wanted to belong somewhere, and not feel so adrift.  I’ll give it a week or so, see how I like everyone, and then possible transfer Ravven over as well.

It’s a bit like real life, actually…I like my solitude, but I want to choose it rather than be solo by default.  I want that solid support of family and friends, and I want to choose to go off occasionally to be antisocial, knowing that they are all still there when I am ready to come back.  If I was ever truly alone, I would fall apart in very short order.  It’s rather like cats…they want to be independent, they want to do their own thing, but put them out lost in the street, with no home or food dish or comfy sofa, and they’ll be scared and miserable.

You always need a home to return to.

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