New Girl Guild on Moonglade EU

Pursuant to the post here, I’d like to invite everyone who might be interested to check out Guilded Lilies, a new all-girls alliance guild on Moonglade EU. (Yes, I spent last night on a baby lock, working on the ten silver needed for the charter – if you have a main that seemingly has gold coming out of every orifice, it’s funny to realise how much work you have to put into a new character just to get ten silver!)

To recap, I was interested in joining an all-girls guild with my alts, because in most guilds only your main is welcome to the large instances, and your alt, even if allowed a peek into ZG or AQ20, can’t compete for drops on the same basis as mains. It would be nice to have a fun, social home for beloved alts, and also hopefully have a guild that could grow to the point where we could do some instances. Being alt-friendly, the guild would have to make allowances for main raid nights.

Moonglade was suggested by several people, and in the time I spent last night I could see that it seemed ok. Very little of the fourteen-year-old illiterate trash talk in LFG, which was refreshing; I didn’t see much roleplay, though – that may be confined to players that you know.

So, interested? If we can get a group together, I’ll be moving a mid-forties nelf hunter named Kitsunecho and a mid-twenties mage named Catweazel from Aggramar.

There isn’t a forum yet, but there is an LJ community, . I’ll work on the site and forum next (I’m a web developer and designer by trade.) Oh, and the name? Willing to change it, but I thought it would be nice to have something different from the usual faux-latin names, the overly-dramatic testosterone ones, and so on. ;)

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