New Beginnings

Not wanting to be home alone last night, I went for a long walk in the park…and Spring is here. Very early Spring, of course, as it’s still cold and no doubt we have more bad weather in store for us. But there were little purple flowers (like snowdrops, but royal purple?) and daffodils out.

I fed the ducks some stale bread, and then walked the paths until it got too dark. I then sat on a bench by the river and watched the stars come out, looking at a new fingernail moon caught in the tree branches. I made a wish on the new moon, for new beginnings and love and growth. It’s been winter for too long…I want spring.

I want to be happy, I want to experience new things…I want to wander Paris at night, drunk with wine and laughter. I want to wake in the morning in a Venice palazzo, seeing the shifting patterns of water reflected in the room. I want to walk in the heat and dust of Egypt, a modern explorer.

I want so much…this is a new world. I want to be new as well.

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