New Beginnings

We had a very quiet, but extremely heartfelt celebration of the new year. I normally don’t go out for New Years Eve – it is too expensive, too manic, too loud, too prone for meetings with police officers, and so on. I’m more of a Halloween girl, myself. But the turning of the year marked (fingers crossed) new beginnings, and I had a private wish for better things to come as we watched the fireworks over the Thames.

Otherwise, the holidays were great – quiet, but very relaxing. I had days and days wherein I never got dressed at all, but stayed in sweats and long snuggly sweaters all day long. I love days like that. I played a lot of Warcraft, getting my baby priest to 85.  I read a lot by the fire, cats purring in a big furry lump beside me. I rearranged some furniture, and plan on having a proper cleansing complete with sagegrass as soon as it is complete – washing away all of the old bad feelings and depression and bad luck, and warding against future disappointments. This is going to be a good year.

Did I make any resolutions? A few. They ranged from the frivolous:

  • I won’t read any celeb blogs, although I will still allow myself lolcats.
  • I’ll do less gaming this year, and more artwork.
  • I’m going to get fit, and that process has already started.
  • I want to find someplace to take martial arts lessons, or some kind of self-denfense or fighting class. I’m thinking Aikido, and then some Krav Maga if I can find a trainer.
  • I’m going to finally get a UK driving license. No, I don’t have one. It irritates me to go through the lessons process when I’ve driven for decades accident-free in the States.
  • I’m going to not put as many things off as I currently do (with the excuse of being under so much stress). I will answer mails and return phone calls.

And then a few serious ones:

  • This is the year that I apply to become a naturalised British citizen.
  • I am going to take a completely new path in my profession.
  • I am going to work on the projects that I’ve been dreaming of, before neglect and inattention finally starve and kill them off.

I wish us all (each and every one) happiness and a better year in 2011.

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