Never Say Die

Age 10

Age 14

The search goes on. We’ll see what happens.

I realised that I had made an icon of Anansi, but I hadn’t used it for anything yet. So here he is. :) They’ve been really cranky lately, especially him. She’s difficult to wake up, but once she’s up, she’s fine. He screeches at me and curls into a ball when I try to wake him up to come out and play, and if I persist he will go into biting stance: standing on his hind feet like a boxer, with his little front hands held in front of him in fists, ready to take a chunk out of me. I don’t think they like the heat, although being from Africa, you’d think they’d feel right at home. I think they’ll have to have a swim in the tub this weekend – that should perk them both up.

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  1. wandringsoul

    The rats, in the bath?? You’re going to be the ‘handler’ for that particular joy!

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