Nervous Day

Still no mail, although we do have net access again. I have an LSC eLearning advisory meeting this afternoon, and no way to retreive the mail that has the address, etc. Had I known, I would have printed it out – but you just rely on email being there.

I was also nervous about driving there. You know that I have absolutely no sense of direction, and I can get lost in a mall. I haven’t driven anywhere that I was unfamiliar with here, and the meeting is in Stoke-on-Trent. Poor Phil was trying to give me directions this morning, and I’m afraid that I threw a mini-tantrum.

“Ok, there’s two roundabouts on the way, one big and one little.”

“Are those the only roundabouts on the road?”

“No, but it’s just the last little one that you have to worry about.”

“Ok, so how do I know which one I have to worry about? Will there be a neon sign? The Flying Fricking Finger of God writing across the sky in letters of flame THIS IS THE ONE YOU HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT?”


But he’s going to be very sweet and just take me there on his lunch. :)

What a mess. My stomach is so upset and nervous. I hate days like this.

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