Strange mood at the office, as representatives of the company who are taking us over are going do to a walk-through tomorrow. We were warned to tidy our desks and look nice tomorrow. So everyone will be all scrubbed-up, wearing their best suits and trying to make a good impression, like puppies in a pet shop window. “Pick me!” “No, pick me!” lol…

So someone in the UK got dooced. He seemed as though he was fairly blatant about it, though. I’m not sure what a company (without a blog policy) could actually do to you if you weren’t mentioning the company name or actively trashing them. I wrote some fairly scathing comments in my blog prior to the “web designer’s log” incident (someone sent copies of my entries to the head of the IT department where I used to work, who came and asked me where the “web designer’s log” was – I thought he was talking about log files, and hadn’t the faintest idea what he was so upset about until I saw the printout in his hands and realised that I had written it. lol…that was very funny, AFTER the fact. But it’s something that I try to be somewhat careful about now.

2 thoughts on “Nerves”

  1. Yup, I saw the article about that fellow getting fired. Made me twitch since I journal from work rather often.

    However, I rarely post ABOUT my job, just about the hours. I’ve never named it in a public post, for good reason. Don’t want my journal to show up as a search term. Plus we’ve these lovely NASD policies about public communication, including online forums. Which this might quality as.

  2. I think I generally prefer the “make sure it isn’t public but still speak your mind” approach, rather than having to carefully edit public posts so noone knows who people or what company I’m talking about. It’s a difficult balance to get though. I’ve still not decided on just how anonymous my journal should be, especially considering the line of work I’m going into.

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