I was bored today, not having any freelance work (we’re all gonna starve! run for the hills!) so I worked on a little portrait of my prospective Guild Wars 2 Necromancer. Since I used the face that she’ll have in game, she looks different from the way that I originally imagined her: skinny, almost child-like, with big eyes, hollow cheekbones and streaming white hair. She’s not actually an albino, but she’s close. She grew up in the tunnels beneath the city, and the warrens where the poor scratch out a living. If she had parents (as she must have done) she has no memory of them. Very early on she realised that she could talk to the dead; they were her first friends. As she grew older she realised that not only could she communicate with the dead, she could also call them, make them rise and do her bidding. Whispers began, and soon she lost the few streetrat friends that she had. After that, she walked alone, accompanied only by the spirits of the lost ones.

Teh drama, huh?


Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

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