Naughty Schoolgirls

That caught your attention.

There are groups of students and staff that are running different activities in support of Children in Need. One of the teachers got his head shaved, another group has been sponsored to climb the height of Everest on one of the local climbing walls, all to raise money for a good cause.

Yesterday I was walking into the building where I am based, and a poster on the door caught my eye. I had to go back and re-read it, because it couldn’t have said what I thought it had. “Come and soak us – the Naughty Schoolgirls.” Omigod – surely this hasn’t been approved by an adult staffmember!

Evidently I was wrong. The girls in question showed up today wearing micro-skirts and fishnet stockings (omigod – how inappropriate is THAT!?!) so that people could pay to throw water balloons at them. lol…practically a wet t-shirt contest, supported by the college! There was so much material there for jokes…we amused ourselves all morning with them.

Jo did manage to put a stop to the local paper showing up to take pictures. Hahahaha…fucking awesome. :)

It’s a bit nipply out this morning…lol…

7 thoughts on “Naughty Schoolgirls”

  1. wandringsoul

    Sounds like you had an eye-openign morning!!

    When I was at Sixth Form College we actually had a ‘St. Trinians Day’, where as a fundraiser a lot of the girls came as St Trinians students, complete with busty bras, half open school blouses, gym skirts and ripped fishnets…and collected funds by selling kisses…

    There was one in particular that comes to mind……..


  2. “The girls in question … There was so much material there for jokes…we amused ourselves all morning with them.”

    um. is that the girls or the jokes you amused yourself with though ?

    pictures! pictures!

  3. lol…the girls? Not bloody likely. :) As for pictures, it would be more than my job is worth to post those. I wish I could, though. It was so incredibly over-the-top and inappropriate. What dirty old man wouldn’t pay to lob water balloons at teenage girls dressed in fantasy schoolgirl outfits?

    Phil – get your hand OUT of your pocket, put your money away…

  4. We slopped around in jeans at school. The kids here are incredibly cute. I love school uniforms. They’re waaay too sexy on some of the young girls, though. Scary.

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