NaNoWriMo On! Off. On…

Writer's BlockI had a project that I was really excited about doing for NaNoWriMo. I’ve been working nights and weekends, trying to clear the breathing room to do it. I’ve been researching and planning like crazy.

And then…I realised that the idea, although something that I was incredibly excited about, was something that was going to need a lot more planning and outlining and beating the plot into shape. I wasn’t ready.

So, yesterday (the day before the bloody thing starts!) I decided to go back to an older project that I at least had a plot outline for. Now, this is a project that I’d done a lot of work on and then somehow allowed two years to lapse without working on it. It also has a very complicated plot, interweaving and twisting an handful of fairytales together into a new story. I have pages and pages of plot points and timelines and character studies and a Scrivener project set up with empty chapters and scenes with intriguing captions like “Maia is betrayed” and “King of the Cats.” Interesting…except I have absolutely no idea what I intended to do there.


6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo On! Off. On…”

  1. LOL! I intended to work on A Dark Radiance with the assumption that I’d have the first draft for Penumbra finished by now. Well … um … I’m close?

    So I’m starting A Dark Radiance and I intend to work on Penumbra on the side.

    Yeah. This is going to work really well. ~

    What’s your username? I’ll buddy you!

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