NaNoWriMo, Days Five & Six

The writing is going better now, I finally hit my stride and although I’m not trying for large numbers (usually just hitting right around my original 2k per day target) it seems to be flowing a lot more easily. Part of it is that I am taking the time to think about what I am writing a lot more, and the whole process is a lot more enjoyable. I’m still remaining disciplined about editing (aside from the odd spelling error which I fix at the time, I am not going back to re-read or re-work anything at all). I am even having fun at times, in my slow and limping way.

I woke this morning with the remnants of a dream still in my head and wrote down the following: “mudlarks, tatterdemalions, the childrens’ rat stew, clockwork Fagin”. The leftover image from the dream was of a robotic Fagin-esque character presiding over a tattered group of child pickpockets and thieves. Many of the children had been turned out of the workhouses when they lost limbs in the factory machinery, and he would “fix” them with clockwork limbs. And I suppose they all ate tasty rat stew at the end of the day. :)

The odd thing? Phil said that he’d woken with “It’s The Hard Luck Life” running through his head, as though my dreams had seeped through from my brain to his in the night. Weird.

Anyway, currently at 16,248 words.

PS: Do you think googling “floor plans british museum” and “security measures british museum” will get me on a surveillance list? :D

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, Days Five & Six”

  1. I love how people seem to be looking at our word counts and going, “I want to be like you!” It is completely new to me! <3

  2. I know – me too! Actually, I think the word counts are the best incentive for making it through this. There is a natural element of competitiveness that makes you want to not fall behind.

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