NaNoWriMo, Day Five

I finally made my word count. It took me from this morning when I got up until just before 4:00pm, but I did it. I could have ploughed a field, or raised a barn, with less effort. Oh, I did a lot of other things as well (which probably contributed to the problem): I checked Twitter, I pissed my entire family off on Facebook, I read a bunch of stuff that had nothing to do with what I was writing about.

I think I finally have the bones of the story now, though.Yep, all of this has actually been prep work, and most of it will be replaced.

I hope that things will start to flow a lot easier now. There were times last year when I actually enjoyed the whole process, when it just flowed and I had 5k days. There were hard days as well, when the words wouldn’t come, but I managed to “finish” (ha, ha) several days before the end of November. My experience this year, since I didn’t have my outline ready, was much different.

Here’s to hoping the Word Fairy will stop by soon!


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, Day Five”

  1. Lol – he reminds me of the way that Stephen King describes his muse in “On Writing.” A working guy with a big cigar, maybe a plumber. :D Granted, his muse probably isn’t wearing a tutu, but what do I know?

  2. LOL…If he show up at your place and you happen to catch sight of him, send him my way. I’m so much of a panster this time around, I’m scrambling hard. Distractions are pulling at my shortened attention span, but I think I’m getting something, a clearer vision of my story, that is. For me, it feels as if starting each scene is like pulling teeth! Once I get it going, it’s cool, but starting…:-P And this is with characters and many, many details already worked out from other stories I’ve written! What the hell? LOL! Crazy! Summer before last I had to plead with my Muse to slow the inspiration down a bit. I was coming up with new, and good, ideas so fast I was losing them in the effort to write up earlier ones. This year it’s a desert and I’m movin’ from oasis to oasis like some gasping poorly led and unwelcome invading army. I’m over 8k behind and that’s disheartening. One of my students is dead on target! Huzzah for the wee witch! Ha! I know I can make it up, but I’m seriously more desperate (and as a result: irritable) than I was last year and I didn’t even particularly “like” what I was writing last year! :-) Any way, got to run, TGIF and here’s to a three-day weekend (Veterans Day) Woo-Hoo!. Keep it up, girl!
    Your nearly neurotic fellow NaNo-er!

  3. I’m so behind right now – I need to make a decision this weekend if I will keep going or not. I won’t stop writing, as I totally love the story that I’m working on…but considering how busy I am it would be much less stressful to just set goals of at least 500 words per day or something. That 2k goal seems like an insurmountable wall every day.

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