NaNoWriMo Contest: Seth and Janna

In the end it was difficult to choose a winner in our NaNoWriMo first time authors giveaway. All of the entries were amazing – I could see them all as published novels, and wished that I could read each of them in their entirety. With five of us voting, we had two votes each for A Grimm Legacy by Janna Jennings and Impervious by Seth Swanson, as well as one vote for one of the other writers with a great story…so difficult to choose! We called it a split decision between the main two and decided that we would read fulls from both and choose a final winner from there. Both Janna and Seth will receive covers and feedback on their stories.

And what stories they are. Two very different books, but both great reads. I was really looking forward to the moments that I could steal to curl up with them and if I’d actually bought them I would have considered it money well spent. You are all in for a treat!

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