My Week So Far

This week I:

1. Went to bed exhausted most nights.
2. Ate way too much junkfood for comfort.
3. Didn’t ride at all.
4. Hired a senior and a junior developer.
5. Had a serious fight with the present senior developer, blood was drawn.
6. Started a new priest character in WOW and played her at lunch; fun although she’s very squishy.
7. Didn’t do any housework…dishes are piling up.
8. On at least one night we decided to eat crisps instead of eating dinner because it was just too much trouble.
9. Cleaned up a bunch of bad layout and code, things are shaping up, but much too slowly.

Is this the way that it is supposed to be?

9 thoughts on “My Week So Far”

  1. wandringsoul

    I met Anthea Turner a couple of times – she used to work at the radio startion I was at previously – and before my time was caught shagging one of the sound engineers in the cable-cupboard… quite a dirty girl in her day it seems.

    Anyway – as for my meeting her – once at work, once in my teens when she was asking for banns to be posted for her wedding to that shortarse bruno brooks – my last ing impression of her was bad hair and very short.

    : )

  2. cadavre__exquis

    LOL. This reminds me of the time when the mom on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ gets drunk with other moms in her book club and organizes a posse to go trash the house of the ‘perfect’ housewife in the neighborhood.

    No, it’s not supposed to be like this. But it is.

    I started a priest as well, I called her, pretentiously enough, Andromeda.

  3. Could’ve been worse. Could’ve had my week so far. $900 overdraft on my bank account for being stupid enough to fall for a scam, lost my job, about to lose my apartment, and ticked off family members as a result of a 3-month-long story I won’t go into.

    But on the bright side I’ve sold more short stories in a month than I did all of last year. So, I guess it all balances out. Maybe.

  4. Blecchhhh!

    Anthea believes there is never an excuse for a filthy flat, cluttered cottage, untidy apartment or messy mansion. “It’s cool to have a well run, comfortable and inviting home” she says.

    Well, lah-di-fuckin-dah for Anthea. Grrrr……

  5. OUCH! Sorry, your week way beat mine in terms of allover suckage. That’s horrible. But great about the short stories – congratulations! Still, the rest of it…best wishes. :)

  6. Tim and I occasionally watch her show – we sit there partly in disbelief at how some of theses people put their messy houses on TV without feeling any shame and partly gob smacked at how much like a real life stepford wife Anthea is.

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