My Future Raid Partner

Since I no longer have to compete for the top of the dps meter in raids, I’ve respecced to 51-point Beastmastery to try out some of the new pets. Some of the pets I was really looking forward to were irritating to actually play with, some showed promise in raid environments, and some were just pure fun.

Rhinos were one of the pets that annoyed me – the stomping sound is the same thing that I hate about corehounds and devilsaurs. Rhino bowling was a lot of fun, but got old fast. I don’t think I’d take one into any kind of an instance, since I have a feeling that the knockback effect could be disastrous. Plus, I really hate pets who are so big that they’re always in the way, making it difficult to click on mobs or do any looting or skinning.

Worms will be used heavily for raiding, once they manage to fix the borked attack and pathing bugs. I was levelling unarmed combat in Grizzly Hills by punching a deer (yeah, being a big-time dork), and my worm had armor reduction stacked to 2600. On a raid boss that would be nice. But they’re miserable to grind or quest with, since they acid spit from a distance, and it doesn’t work very well, causing them to get stuck.

I tamed a bald eagle…which I killed a few deer with and then put away. It was just a bird.  :)

I still play with my Vargul Blighthound, who even though he’s pretty weak in terms of skills (wolves aren’t great), looks cool enough to make up for it. I lovelovelove the way he looks. I admit he’ll probably be a kind of vanity pet, but still…how totally awesome does he look?

My old raiding pet was a wasp named Serenity, and I’ve replaced her with a new glowing blue one from Sholazar. Again, it’s a gorgeous pet…but she suffers from being too big, just like the rhino and corehound. I think that I’ll probably raid with the worm, but this one is a possibility.

And lastly, just because I always have to have a cat in the stables, I tamed a Cursed Offspring of Har’Koa. The eyes are amazing. If I am ever lucky enough to find a Spirit Beast, I’ll replace her then, but I think it will be a long time before I get that lucky.

And lastly, my usual levelling partner is Hanuman, my gorilla. A gorilla is the best investment ever for a hunter while levelling or grinding. I’ve tanked and soloed 5-mans with him, and he can hold tons of mobs while I volley – it’s so nice to be able to AOE-grind, even if it isn’t as effective as what a mage can do. When I originally tamed him, I wanted to name him Spank, but that name was mysteriously reserved.  :)  Spank the Monkey…denied!

The Gallery:

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