My Day

How is my day? Glad you asked. I have a raging sore throat, I’m sitting here listening to people crunching food non-stop, which sends me up the wall, and I still haven’t heard anything about my passport and documents, so I can’t begin to start looking for another job.

This one is giving me an ulcer. As you may recall, several months ago we started the amazing revamp of the intranet and main sites as a dynamic, database-driven site, with our own proprietary content management system and virtual learning environment. Since then, after we all agreed that we were in, and I presented it to management, it’s all gone to shit. I’ve been trying to pull this out of my ass single-handedly (sorry for the lovely image), but I keep running into problems that no doubt have simple solutions, but I can’t get any advice as to where I’m going wrong. There was a caching problem on the server that prevented the working prototype that I did have from working. Caching supposedly isn’t turned on. Of course, we’re still having massive problems with the network and everything is slow as molasses at the North Pole, so I don’t think anyone really knows if the server is caching documents or not.

The reason that this is bothering me so much, aside from having to go back to management and say “We’re fuckups – it’s not going to happen,” is that a guy from the Regional Skills Council is coming to meet with us in a couple of weeks about this marvelous project, this site that will serve as a shining example to other colleges and universities in the area, and we have fuck-all to show him. My fault. No, not my fault, but I’m the one left standing there alone to tell him that we’re all screwups.

Fucking damn and hell. I am so angry today.

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