my bad

I know that it’s been a long time since I’ve posted about anything very personal. I’m still alive (sort of), still happy, and the project is going extremely well – was just demoed in the States to much interest. Everything is moving very quickly.

Our crappy weather seems poised to continue indefinitely. There are folk in several sections of the country who’s houses still have three feet of water in them, and the damage is massive. I so very, very much want a summer, I need it…this is winter weather, but muggy and humid rather than cold. (Although we do have the fire on in the living room every night – how is THAT for July?)

Oh, yeah – Happy Fourth of July to everyone back home.

I’m looking forward to Sicko and the new Harry Potter book and movie. I’ve ordered the latest game, as well – or actually I made Phil do it. (How embarrassing.)

I really, really need to get some breathing room, and get my life in order. There are too many nights when I am so stressed and exhausted from work that I come home and cocoon in a chair with a book and comfort food and waaay too much vodka. Sometimes it’s medicinal, and I feel better for doing it, and sometimes it feel like self-harming. That may sound strange, but I used to cut as a teen, and it feels like the same sort of release mechanism. Either way, it’s not healthy, I’m tired, I’m gaining weight, and I need to get fit again.

Personal list (boring) under the cut, while I’m thinking about it:

Things we need to do to the house. Room by room, get one room done at a time:

1. Finish painting entrance hall, wallpaper on lower half, strip, grout and seal tiles.
2. After we can adopt Aja out, totally clean front room, get tack and weight machine out, install mini-bar in alcove and either a reading area (loveseat or chairs) or dining furniture.
3. Discuss having someone in to extend the kitchen. If not, then put storage/shelving into pantry so we can actually use that area.
4. Get rid of livingroon furniture, get some light-coloured, neutral furniture, and frame some of the pictures. End tables for storage. Light oriental rug over dark green carpet to lighten room.
5. Do something with the bedroom closet/wardrobe thing in our bedroom.
6. Take P’s stuff out of the red third-floor room, recarpet, and install shelving or drywall over board wall in center.
7. New appliances – the stove is ancient, the refrigerator is on the way out, and the (new-ish) washer/dryer keeps tripping the switches as it finishes a cycle.
8. Redo paving in back garden, hang gate, and fix the fence.

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  1. The weather is awful, we’ve had rain for what feels like weeks, I am amazed it has not flooded here, we are on the edge of a flood plain. Seems all the huge drainage ditches are working. I know the get fit feeling the most I do lately is walk the dog.

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