Moving Update

Well, evidently LJ is back online. Since I was at work today, I wanted to take the chance to update the blog so everyone would know what was going on. I’ll be out the rest of the week, and we don’t have internet access at home yet.

The Big Move is finished, with a few minor catastrophes. It bucketed down rain while we were moving, which wasn’t fun. As we were parking the rented van after the very last trip, we accidentally sideswiped a parked car. £100 to Avis, £100 off the top to the insurance company, and gods only know how high our monthly premium will go. :( But it’s all finished now. We’ve been exhausted. There are boxes piled everywhere, we don’t know where anything is, and it will take ages to get everything put away…but we’re in!!!


On the top (third) floor, there is a crawlspace for storage in each of the rooms, with a hobgoblin-sized door accessing it. Very creepy, and I immediately christened them The Troll Doors (visions of Cat’s Eye). If I was a child, I couldn’t have slept in those rooms. I don’t know that I could as an adult, actually. I joked to Phil that the Troll Doors needed locks. And then, the first night, I was awoken by a crash in the middle of the night – one of the Troll Doors had fallen completely out of the frame and crashed against a radiator!!! Note to self: buy locks today.

Well, back to work. I’ll update this as soon as we have net access again.

6 thoughts on “Moving Update”

  1. levanah_vervain

    Hello, I hope you don’t mind me adding you to my friends list – found your lj while searching for people interested in horses (among other things!). I can remove you if it’s a problem.

    I had a look at your website too, and your digital artwork is amazing. I’m still attempting to teach myself enough HTML to put together a basic website, but I’d love, one day in the future, to be able to create beautiful images like yours.

    The Troll Doors sound cool, but creepy :)

  2. wandringsoul

    …such a little dent…

    There has to be some law governing the ‘dentability’ of van body panels…

    I mean – it was barely a nudge and it rippled the whole damn bottom panel…

    Like – X is the amount of damage to the van, Y is the damage to the car – and S is the cost of repairng said said damage.

    S = (X + Y) multiplied by (insert random number here)


  3. wandringsoul

    Speaking of troll doors…I think we should paint them to look like mini-front doors – like the one’s you’d see on a Hobbit House, or a Pixie Dwelling…or even a Troll’s front door…


  4. Thanks for adding me! I’m curious about your Highland pony. When I can afford another horse, I’ll probably go for either a Welsh Section D, or a Welsh cob/TB cross. My dream is to own a Friesian, of course…has been ever since watching Ladyhawke. ;)

    Thanks for the kind words about the artwork. If you need any help with the website, let me know…

  5. Cool idea…they need to be banded in iron, with curlicue wrought iron doorhandles. And BIG FRICKIN LOCKS!!! lol…

  6. levanah_vervain

    Welsh cobs can be lovely, that was my second choice when I was looking for a pony. Although they do have a neurotic streak sometimes! I think Friesians are gorgeous, although a bit on the big side for me. I’d love to have one someday though :)

    There’s a link to photos of Jester in my lj if you’re interested – think I posted it last night.

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