Moving Right Along

We’re still playing our baby Horde characters together (for as long as our gametime lasts). My druid is 44-ish now, the highest I’ve ever managed to get a druid without losing the will to live and abandoning it. It still seems like hard work, and if I didn’t want to try healing on her, I wouldn’t be doing it.

I love playing together – gaming is a love that we both share, and it also gives old married couples new topics of conversation. :) You whippersnappers will know what I mean someday. I don’t play World of Tanks, and he doesn’t play EVE, but we still share a lot of games in common – it’s quite nice. It would be difficult being an avid gamer with a non-gamer partner.

So, trundling along through Eastern Plaguelands…



Listening to the banter between the other passengers on the coach…



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