Moving Day

I edited that last entry. There’s no reason that I need to broadcast what I’m doing anymore. I’ll be offline for a while, anyway, due to the move. It will take a while for BT to set up DSL again.

Very depressed this morning. This should be a very happy day. Everything has gone wrong, though. Phil and I are very distant. It seems that everyone knew about this guy’s bid to weasel his way in, and that this guy may “join the team,” as it was worded. I just feel as though I’ve been gutted.

Enough. I just have to get through this move, and then make the changes that I need to make, as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Moving Day”

  1. Hoping you get this before you’re cut off from the world ;).

    Breathe. Have a drink. Move into your new home. Know that people across oceans are wishing you well, crossing our fingers for you and sending good thoughts your way.

    I’m so very sorry about what’s going on at work. I know you, though – you are brilliant, and talented and very resourceful – and you will find something better eventually. Until then… try to think of it as simply a way to keep your new roof over your lovely head.


  2. Thank you…VERY much appreciated. Moving SUCKS, by the way – just in case anyone wasn’t aware of that. ;)

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