Morogrim Down

Morogrim goes down!

Quote of the night?  “Man, I’d forgotten how much I hate murlocs.”

Today I am duplicating 3D models for avatars, and skinning them. At this point in our X3D development, we’re not able to dynamically load a skin file, a hair shape, a texture for the hair, then the clothes, all separately, and still animate it. It’s being done as one single x3d file, one single texture file.  Do you know what that means?

7 male models and 7 female models. Multiply by four different skin shades.  Multiply by seven different hairstyles. Multiply by seven different haircolours.  (I don’t know where the seven thing came from, it just happened.) Multiply that by as many outfits that I can skin by Friday.

You think it’s not going to happen?  Yeah, me too.  :(

6 thoughts on “Morogrim Down”

  1. I think we had eight, actually. :) It was one of those nights where several of the “essential” classes decided not to show that night, so we went with what we had, and two-shotted him. I did think the screenshot was funny.

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