Morning Rush

Showered, dressed, still not fully awake. On my way to the stable, then the horrible slow traffic into work, then start another round of meetings and responses to the notes on meetings on this and that. No time for any actual woek.

The lesson last night was tough, Lizzie being almost comatose. I would have said that that was impossible for her; I couldn’t get her off my leg at all, and finally had someone get me a dressage whip. She doesn’t appear to be coming down with anything – perhaps she’s about to come into season. Fingers crossed that she’s ok, but I’m worried about this weekend.

I sent my entry in for one of the unaffiliated winter shows this weekend. Yikes! I told my trainer that, and we did some work on that particular test (which I still haven’t fully memorised!). Her advice:

1. Get there with plenty of time to let her walk around, see everything, and calm down a bit.

2. Try to work in in the arena with the least people. Go for the one with the ponies; they may whiz around, but at least you’re not getting pushed around by the “big women on big horses”, the Hannoverian dressage queens who dominate the working in areas: if they’re doing medium trot, they’re damn well doing medium trot and you better get out of the way. lol…

Off to work. It’s like being gnawed to death by weasels. A slow death, bit by bit, as everyone eats away at you.

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