Morning After

Good night last night. Pics here. Weird night, though – everyone split up into groups. CQ and Lou off with Simon separately, and never met up with everyone else. Strange feeling.

There are tons of pubs in this fairly small-ish village that we live in, and they are all packed. We went to one and stood for twenty minutes at the bar, waving ten pound notes, and couldn’t get served. We finally walked away. (Not in the least because some skinhead type was shoving in next to Phil, and Phil was starting to push back – we did NOT need a fight to enhance the evening!) Went to another pub, and I drank too much cider because I was so hot. I’m a pathetically cheap date. Switched to scotch and felt better. Went back to the Indian restaurant and found the group, then went to the Belgian bar and drank chocolate gin for awhile while blowing soap bubbles at each other. I feel pretty good this morning, all things considered. Back home I would normally dance all night and work everything out of my system, but no one seems to dance here.

I remember having a discussion with Req about witches always wearing velvet, but my memory could be faulty. Stood very close to a guy who got sick, which was not nice. Ack.

There was an article on the BBC site recently about the Brits being the biggest binge drinkers in Europe. From my experience, that is certainly true.

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