More Work Avoidance Strategies

This has been a quiet week for me, just rest and relaxation and losing the residue left by a long period of stress. It’s sunny and warm here in England, which makes a nice change and is greatly appreciated.

Aside from relaxing, I’ve been doing some re-reading and planning for my book project. Nothing has gone on paper, however…blank white artpaper, as well as blank white Word docs, are scaring the hell out of me. It’s silly, I know…if everything sucks, I can just throw it away and no one will be the wiser.

Except me. I’ll know. And that is something that will be hard to bear.

So, in the meantime, I’ve become a mistress of work avoidance strategies. I’ve read a lot of the books that I had waiting to be read. I’ve played a lot of Warcraft, taking advantage of my much-appreciated gamecard. Not so much Rift…it’s odd. I still think that Rift is a good game, and I still have fun in it. But I just feel a bit meh about logging in.

Phil got me a Winged Guardian, which I have to say is the most beautiful mount ever (and I adore the Harry Potter reference).



And all you haters who mainly hate the fact that you can’t buy one? Kiss mah shiny glowy flying lion butt.

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