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Miscellaneous thoughts of the day:

Smoking makes people ugly. Even pretty girls look ugly when they smoke – and I suppose if you do it long enough you start to look that way permanently.

Depression feels like exhaustion, or grief. If you love someone and lose them, it feels like a very physical pain that won’t go away. Depression is like that…except that no one has died.

My “Project from Hell” has just ended, and I never, ever want to freelance again. Ever.

I miss my stray cat. We’d been feeding her because she was always in our back garden, crying in the rain. As she trusted us more, she came in the house, and eventually she would stay with me like a little dog, pressed against my thigh as I read. And then her owner knocked on the door and asked if we’d seen his cat. She still comes to the back door, but we try to not let her in – and it breaks my heart.

I have been loving the Aion screens from the beta – but the death penalties make me quite hesitant. XP loss sucks. Long corpse runs suck. But my god, is it beautiful.

Not much else to tell…I’m just looking forward to life going back to normal, and being able to do some gaming. Real life leaves something to be desired when there is no Game.  :)

3 thoughts on “more random than a…random thing”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Nothing is a bigger turnoff than admiring a beautiful woman and then seeing her pop a cigarette in her mouth and start puffing away.

    If never suffered from depression, though it runs in my family. Both my mother and sister suffer from fairly crippling chemical depression that requires medicating. My other sister didn’t get depression, she got epilepsy bad enough it eventually killed her. My brain’s chemical imbalance shows up as a chronic sleep disorder; I think I got lucky. I’d rather be sleepy than depressed or epileptic.

    We need a kitten. We still love our old grouchy cat, but he’s at the age where he only sleeps or whines for more food. We need a critter that runs around and attacks anything that falls on the floor.

    Have you seen the screen shots for Dragon Age? It’s not an MMO, but it looks like an absolutely gorgeous RPG. I can’t wait for it.

  2. Dragon Age looks lovely. :) Very, very nice screenshots. I think one of the most beautiful non-MMOs was Bioshock – I loved the decayed Art Deco look, and everything was just so gorgeous. I admit it, I’ll play games for how they look (to a point), and I’ll watch positively horrible movies because they’re visually stunning (The Cell).

  3. Oh, hell yes on the beautiful movie thing.

    I am one of seven people in America who liked Silent Hill, and it was entirely because of how gorgeous it looked.

    People said, “But the dialog was terrible, and the plot was incomprehensible.”

    I’m like, “There was dialog and a plot?”

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