More Damn Rain

So, they whored out Bohemian Rhapsody to those weak sheep farts G4? Tsk, tsk, and a plague on all of your houses. This may be more offensive than the Electric Six frontman dancing on Freddy’s grave, I’m not sure. Hmmph…locusts and weevils, I tell you, locusts and weevils.

Kip is continuing well, although he has lost another shoe and I know the farriers will avoid me for another six weeks, at least. He seems to be thrilled with the idea of himself as a dressage horse, and every movement is HUGE, big trot, muscling along in walk, quite lovely.

I’m taking a lazy day for myself today, even though I know that I will regret it because the shops won’t be open tomorrow. Ah, well…it was just too grey and cold to care about anything, and all I wanted to do was snuggle underneath a fleece blanket and read. I hate February. It’s still very definitely winter, but by this time you are sick to death of winter weather. February is such a cold, thin, mean month.

The giant rats were having quite a spat last night, standing on their hind legs and boxing (as the regular rats do), making their enraged-parrot noises all the while. I know nothing about how they live in the wild; perhaps they aren’t animals that prefer to live in groups or pairs. Perhaps they prefer to be solitary animals, aside from mating. That’s the trouble with having exotic, rare pets – information is hard to come by.

Anyway, I solemnly swear that I will now sit down at the computer and do some serious work. I will, I promise…well, ok, perhaps after farting around on LJ and eBay for awhile…

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