Monster Engine

Many of you have probably seen this on BoingBoing, but for those who haven’t, check this out. “Dave Devries is an artist who makes paintings based on kids’ drawings of monsters and superheros. He does a great job of bringing out the stuff that lurks in kids’ imaginations when they’re sketching their monstrous beasties.” Gorgeous artwork and what a really creative idea for collaboration.

In other news, it’s a Monday. That’s probably news to no one. :(

I need to make an appointment at the equestrian centre to have Kip’s back looked at by their chiropractic/physical therapy staff. As Phil said, “how much is THAT going to cost?” :( He’s still having problems cantering, as you can see a kind of “hitch” in the inside hindquarter, and it’s difficult for him to get that leg underneath him enough. He’s also still sore in his back, off and on. *sigh*

There’s a new Jet Li movie coming out that looks interesting: Unleashed. Not sure when it will be released in the UK. Interesting concept for an action movie, and anything with Morgan Freeman in it is watchable.

Boo hoo…back to work.

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