Monica Ravven

This is the homepage for my alter ego, Monica Ravven. I wanted to be able to separate my steampunk MG/YA stories from the more adult urban fantasies, and as creating a complete alter ego seemed like too much work entirely, here we are. :)

Although…creating a bio would have been fun. I could have been badass. I could have chosen an author image of someone sleek, dressed all in black leather and looking sexy as hell. 

Damn it. 

When not competing in international Krav Maga tournaments the author splits her time between London, New York and a small castle in the area formerly known as Transylvania. She likes wearing black leather, taking long walks with her falcon Nonesuch, and dancing until dawn in secret clubs. In her nightstand you are likely to find handcuffs, peyote-laced chocolates and discarded plans to rule the world…although you would not survive long enough to tell anyone what you had found.


Nah. It’s just not me, unfortunately…I am doomed to live out my fantasies in books. :D