Money Well Spent

Europe is still waiting for the Warcraft faction change service that has been rolled out in the States. No word aside from “soon” when it will be available here. Am I considering it?  Definitely. It would be nice to win at pvp every once in a while.  :)

I couldn’t afford to faction-change everyone, of course, so it would split up my professions and the things that each character is in charge of. And to be honest, I wouldn’t move everyone even if I could afford it, since that would be an obscene expenditure of money on a game. I couldn’t move Kitsune because she is who she is, and being a nelf (cliche though that is) is part of her backstory.  But my Draenei pally would look so much nicer as a belf pally – their horses are much nicer. Everyone else I would change to trolls, since trolls rock and are Teh Sexx – I love trolls. So tempting.

There have been many posts about the amount of money that we spend on non-essential game items – Runes of Magic mounts being the most written about. I would totally pay for a horse once I start playing that game again (and with the new content, I plan to) – the added convenience is definitely worth the $10. I can’t tell you how many server transfers, account transfers, name changes, etc., that I have spent money on over the years. I know that it would be a horrifying figure if I was able to total it all up.

Was it worth it?  Hell yeah. Over the course of the time that we have been playing, we’ve made so many friends, and spent so many enjoyable evenings with them that yes, it was worth whatever I’ve spent on it.

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  1. Hmm, lets sum this up – I have three “main” characters, and all were traveling:

    Ren, from Moonglade to Aszune and back after 1,5 months, fail transfer.
    Gar, from Scarshield to Moonglade, stayed there, good move.
    Tum, from Moonglade to Earthen Ring, back to Moonglade, then to Sporeggar, I am tempted to move him again.

    Overall 5 transfers in less than 4 years, no cosmetic changes, not bad.

    Faction change? Good feature, but not for me.

    Did you tried any servers save Agrammar/Moonglade, Fox-girl?

  2. Wow. I paid for a subscription for a little over a year, bought one expansion, and never paid for an extra service.

    And I admit I STILL wish I had that money back. That’s the biggest reason I’ll never do an MMO again. That sure and certain knowledge that a year later I’ll be bored and wish I hadn’t spent a couple hundred bucks on a video game.

  3. I still couldn’t bring myself to play horde. However if I were I would go Belf, but I’m not lol. I do thing this spend money to swap factions is a terrible idea, it just adds more to the casual game play elements theat are ruining WoW.

  4. Hey TFM: I’ve never done a transfer to/from any other server than Aggramar and Moonglade (which I actually did back-and-forth TWICE!). Aggramar is my home server, and I picked Moonglade because 1) I wanted to try a RP server, and 2) the hunter leader from Ebon Blade talked me into coming over via a conversation on Wow_Ladies.

    @Ty: why was it a waste? I’m guessing the time taken away from your writing? In which case, yes, it would have been a waste. That’s kind of my guideline: as long as it only replaces time which I would otherwise spend watching TV, it’s ok. If it starts replacing time I would spend with family/friends, or doing creative projects, then it’s costing too much.

    But the money? Pffff! I’m an adult without children at home and very few debts other than a mortgage, who (normally) makes a pretty substantial salary. The money is nothing…it’s time that’s the expensive thing.

    And speaking of casuals, I like of like the fact that there is a lot to do and acheive endgame even if you are casual – as I am now. Acheivement runs and hard modes are part of the reason why I stopped raiding – I really hated all the wipe nights just because a small percentage of the guild wanted the acheivement. So I’m like all casual-friendly now. :D

  5. Heh, Ebon Flame is as elitist as it was before, lost a bit of raiding shine, but still is going strong.

    Shame that you left no characters on MG, its good realm for casual play. But I understand you, there is no place like home, even in WoW – for me its MG, for You Agg.

    and totally agree on time and money part. Money spent on WoW is nothing, time (even free time) spent on it is precious.

  6. I really liked her, but I also had to interview in character with the person in charge of roleplay…and he just refused to talk to me. I never got the chance, so I eventually joined another guild, and then came back to Aggy to play with friends. Quite disappointing, actually. :(

  7. “why was it a waste?”

    Because I definitely didn’t enjoy it enough to justify the expense. I’d rather have used the money to buy five xbox games. I mean, if I had, I’d still have them. I have absolutely nothing for the 200 bucks I blew on WoW.

    I did start to feel the trap there, toward the end. Once you get sufficiently invested in something that you will lose entirely if you stop investing, it becomes very hard to stop. There’s this whole, “I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into this, if I give up my subscription, it’s just wasted!”

    One of my friends is going through that right now. She’s still paying a subscription fee even though she never plays. She says she can’t just stop after she spent years building up her character. I have to wonder if I might have done that had I gone on longer.

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