Mondays are the grunge between the universe’s toes

and I are semi-comatose tonight. Not a great start to the week for either of us. I found two heavy envelopes and a box (!) from the US office on my desk this morning, containing over 3 1/2 inches of changes to their products, assortments, layout, images, etc. Omigod. This is NOT included in my job description, but there’s no one else to do it. The crap, broken code that the developers had uploaded to the server for testing (LOCAL test environments, people, PLEASE!!!) has been somehow “leaking” to the production, or live server. No one knows how, but everything is breaking.

We have a rather fun project to do for the contest that the radio station is running (we do their mini-sites every year for the various contests, which brings in a bit of money). This one will finish around Halloween, so we’re doing a your-worst-nightmare theme. We were going to use an executioner figure as a main image and theme, but it was decided that that may have unpleasant connotations given current world events. I tend to agree…I’d been wondering about that myself. So, no guys in black hoods with axes. It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to work on anything dark, and I’m looking forward to it.

I didn’t go out and see Kip tonight. I am a Bad Mother. :(

7 thoughts on “Mondays are the grunge between the universe’s toes”

  1. Aaaaaah! So THAT is why he asked what our worst nightmares were. You could always use just a hooded skeleton type to get across the ‘scary dude’ thing (think of what a child of Ring Wraiths and Tales from Crypt dude would look like – *heehee*).

    Executioner – not really a good thing to do with the present beheadings in Iraq. Ah well, at least now you get to do your majic creative thing on it. :) Can’t wait to see what you come up with (that is if you share!).

    *BIG HUGGLES* I’m sure Kip will forgive you. Carrots, apples and sugar cubes ARE your friends! ;)

  2. Exactly what people will connect it with…Iraq. :( I think a Company of Wolves style dream sequence, nightmare images, all of it dark and either blue-ish or red/blood-tinged.

  3. lol…yes. Night of the Code Zombies. There’s a movie idea there, I’m sure. But it would probably turn out to be too Shaun of the Dead. ;)

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