I hate Mondays. :(

We never got to do any shots of the ratties last night, as they refused to wake up until well after we had gone to sleep. When I got up in the morning, though, the male was awake, and I managed to wake the female up eventually. They’d totally destroyed their cage during the middle of the night – they need some climbing branches and toys pronto. I let them out in the front room, and we watched them exploring like maniacs, sniffing like bloodhounds. He is so much more timid than she is.

We’ve been discussing names. I want to do African names, and Phil thinks it’s pretentious. My current favourites are:

Female: Aja – Forest Goddess of the Yoruba people.

Male: Anansi – Trickster god of the Ashanti people. Created the sun and moon,and instituted the succession of night and day.

Trickster gods are PERFECT. :)

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