Reasons why this is a Monday:

1. Nathan found the places where I’d screwed up in the ASP plan editor…and I duplicated those pages again for the schemes of work…and the FRIGGING THINGS WON’T WORK!!! Grrrr…I’m an idiot.

2. I unpacked the remaining boxes, got everything put away, and I have a horrible fear that I may have accidentally thrown away Phil’s PS2 online beta-tester pin number. How was I to know? I don’t remember throwing anything from Sony away, but on the other hand, neither do I remember putting it somewhere. *sigh*

3. Can’t work out the CSS-template things. Linking to a docID from the database, and having it appear in the content area of the correct template (there’s one for each program area, and also generic ones). Yeah, I know…I’m an idiot.

I’ll slink away now. :(

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