After just getting used to gorgeous, sunny weather, the rain has now come back.  Boo sucks.  And here I am with black leggings on underneath a long black skirt and boots, so I could go straight to the stable, shuck the skirt off, change boots, and be ready to ride.  :(  Lizzie is going well, and as she slowly gets stronger is able to round up more and do short spells of really nice work.  It’s a slow process, but she’s coming around.

Last we we had a special meal in celebration of P being able to go back to more of a normal diet – M&S 21-day aged Black Angus sirloin, omigod…expensive but worth it.  We haven’t had beef in ages.

This weekend I had some private time drinking wine, eating truffles, reading a favourite old book (Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite) and watching episodes of The L Word and Firefly.  I love L Word – it’s such a guilty pleasure, and it makes me nostalgic for Los Angeles.  Of course, the scene that I knew in LA is nothing like the one depicted in The L Word…the boys were awfully pretty, but the girls much less so.  Even so, I love it.

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