Monday…bearable because it’s almost the last one

Found out this morning from a co-worker that my super-candid, this-is-the-real-reason-why-I’m-quitting, guaranteed confidential conversation with HR went straight to my so-called new boss, which is why she’s refusing to give me a reference. (Even though I was just pointing out the obvious, which was that she has no idea what she’s doing, won’t listen to anyone else, and is making decisions that will run the site down into the ground.) *sigh* I should expect nothing else from this company. Such a shame, this whole situation. Very old company with tons of heritage, deliberately put down the toilet. Hey, I’m an American…if you guys don’t care about your heritage, why should I? I am SO out of here, and I am strongly in favour of only consulting/contracting from here on out, as I never want to be hired into a nest of snakes like this one again.


In other news, I went to try my Caprilli on Lizzie (we cancelled the eBay auction early, because I so hated the thought of losing this saddle). I’d had it on her a month ago…and yesterday the girth was about eight inches too short. Didn’t have a hope of even coming close to meeting. WTF? Looked at Lizzie, at the ever-expanding belly which I’d put down to having gained weight due to not being worked. She looks like an in-foal mare. Everyone at the stable thinks she looks in foal, as well – she’s HUGE. I really, truly hope not, but I suppose it’s possible – I bought her in July, and although I don’t remember anyone mentioning any stallions on the place, they may have. Just my luck it will have been someone’s old shaggy pony, and the foal will be worthless. As soon as I can afford to pay off her last vet bill, I’ll have to have him come out and check her. I suppose that might account for her panting while being worked, if she was far enough along to be in her last couple of months? Please no…just please no. :(

Otherwise, I’m just trying to skate through my last week here.

5 thoughts on “Monday…bearable because it’s almost the last one”

  1. candlelight1228

    *hugs* Know how you feel. Is there anyone else within the company that can give you a reference?

  2. Yes, my old boss is going to give me a personal reference. I’m just concerned about the “official” one. :(

  3. Remember that under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right to see all materials that the company is holding on you, including your own reference. If anything in there is damaging because of its inaccuracy, you can seek compensation under the same Act.

    Bit of a heavy gun to bring out, but useful to know you have it in your arsenal, perhaps.

  4. I’ll see how much this actually hurts me. I’m being open about why I’m giving notice (how can I not?) and I’m stating that the current manager can’t verify/doesn’t understand what my job actually entails. Hopefully I can just walk away and leave all of this behind me. If not, then that is a good thing to have in reserve, just in case – thank you.

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