Monday, chilled and not currently shaken

Breathe in, breathe out…so relaxed. NOT stressed. It’s a beautiful thing. My boss is in the States, and I have time to get to all of the half-done projects that have been waiting for me. I’ve done a lot of the SEO housekeeping that has been waiting for ages (rip out all the nested tables and crappy code that the outside contractors left, for one thing). Worked on some new projects, such as figuring out a way to have the logo switch out depending on what site locale you’re currently in. Niiiice and easy.

Now I’m going for a walk down the canal path. Sweet. It may not sound like much to you, but I haven’t taken lunch in months – I usually eat at my desk and work through lunch. Sweeeeeet.


I was looking at some digital photos that I’ll have to try to post tonight – I didn’t have time this morning. I have some cute ones of Aja in the bath, all drowned-rat looking. She was very calm when we bathed her, which amazed me (especially if you remember the pics from Christmas and my torn-up hand – and that was just for waking them up!). This weekend we bought linatone (which the ferrets love and the rats evidently aren’t interested in) and rattie vits to put in their water bottle. She’s looking a bit better, less lethargic and less tatty-looking. Anansi is supremely fat and glossy, as always.

Well, I’m off for my nice, relaxing walk down the canal. *skip* *skip* *skip*

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