Grey, dreary Monday. Yech.

a wandering woman writes from spain had an interesting/amusing link to a spanish-language blog wherein the Spanish blogger writes of his experiences travelling in the States:

“My favorite of his US entries is Como en las Peliculas – Just Like in the Movies. At the risk of making this a really long post, here’s a bit of it:

When you arrive in the States for the first time, the phrase that most comes to mind is “just like in the movies”. We have so been nursed on the culture of this country that everything is familiar to us…….What strikes you as strange is not seeing a single murder! But everything is familiar – even the police when you see them patrolling on the highways.

In one of those cafeterias (diners)…Pulp Fiction or American Grafitti pops into your mind. You go shopping at Walmart and look for the rifle and gun section, to make yourself believe that they really can buy guns at the superstore. You sleep in a hotel (in fact, you look for the chance to sleep in one) and you are secretly disappointed that the police don’t bust through the door and throw you to the floor looking for some delinquent….

lol…I loved that.

Gordon Ramsay is in the house today, and we’re all warned to be on our best behaviour. *snicker*

I’m doing another iteration of our shopping cart system again, trying to make it easier to use and less confusing. This will be the third iteration, I think, of the shopping cart/checkout process. I’ve been shopping on, and I think they have the best checkout process I’ve ever used.

Back to my lunchtime reading…

4 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. Ah, you have that same problem over there too?? hehe. Remember when you worked here and if we were lucky enough to have them bring a visitor into the Web area the most we got was a quick, “Thisistheinternetteam… AND moving on…..” heheh, as they whisk the visitor away before they could make eye contact with any of us, lest they lose their soul! muwahaha. oh wait. hmm, maybe there was good reason they didn’t bring them back here! ;)

  2. I think that was because our area was kept so dark, like a cave where trolls might lurk. :) Or maybe they were just afraid that someone was going to fall down in the dark.

    God, I miss that…perfect work environment.

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