Golf clap to the person in the black jag who pulled directly out in front of me this morning in our lane, causing me to stand on my brakes to avoid hitting them. This catapulted my lunch out of its bag into the dirty feed bucket with the halter in the bottom, and turned everything in my half-open purse into projectiles: tampons, phone, makeup, everything.

Phil, we’ll discuss sale driving practices tonight when you get home.

Thank you, though, for pulling over to the side of the road when I honked at you, to see what I wanted, thus allowing me to thrust two fingers at you through my window as I drove by. That did a lot to mitigate my irritation.

Isn’t marriage fun?


PS: Phil, I’m sorry for flipping you off.

1 thought on “Monday”

  1. wandringsoul

    Uh huh…I presume that’s saFe driving practices? And as I only JUST nudged my teeny front end out of my space to see you hurtling towards me in my mirror – I didn’t pull out any further and you could have happily whizzed by at the 80 or 90 mph you must have been doing to launch your lunch??


    As for flipping me off – when you do two fingers it just looks funny!

    : )

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