Molten Core

Last weekend I won Leggings of the Black Blizzard, which shocked/amazed everyone…I was like “cool, those are nice” without realising that they’re evidently some of the best leggings in the game for locks. lol…

Last night was Molten Core. This guild has been doing MC for ages, so it went smoothly, no problems until the Ragnaros. And then we wiped three times in a row. I could hear the GM on TeamSpeak saying “WTF!!?! How is this happening?” I have no idea, except Miz said that there were too many priests not doing enough healing, and not enough people for dps. All I know is that I died, and died, and died. Once I got blown back into the lava, and couldn’t get out. I died, and as I did, I could see someone else falling off the same ledge. I look around, and there are (including mine) FOUR weapon-tips jus visible above the lava…four of us little crispy critters waiting to be rezzed. lol…

I had fun, everything considered. I got the beginning of my Felheart set, and didn’t make any major screwups (my requirement for a good gaming experience: Not Fucking Up). I took some screenies, and will try to remember to post them later.

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