Nothing like comfort food on a grey and chilly day. I normally grab a tuna sandwich for lunch from the lunchroom, which I eat at my desk, but as they only had egg salad and cheese sandwiches out, I opted for hot food. Jacket potato with cheese and a broccoli and stilton soup. Mnnnnnn. Plus fresh strawberries. Almost as good as Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches with olive smiles made by your mom when you were sick as a child. :)

I turned Lily out in the (hopefully) now safer small paddock to gallop up and down (TOTAL stress-girl!) while I worked Kip. He is such hard work, especially now that he’s unfit. My legs ache this morning. Plus, I have cramps (hence the need for comfort food). Blech.

I’m going to a clinic tonight that should be interesting. A local dressage judge and trainer is giving it. She’s going to have the participants ride a test (lower levels), then have a lesson, then have them ride the same test again. I’m looking forward to it…and also to the day when I can take these clinics with my own horse, rather than just watching.

Our copywriter is getting on my tits again today. What an enormous waste of space. (Him, not my tits.)

And that’s as deep as it gets today, folks. :)

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