Mmmmnn, very lazy day

Another day with absolutely nothing that we HAVE to do. Phil is playing one of his new games, and after riding this morning, I’m going to start work on one of the equine e-commerce businesses that someone at the stable and I are going to work on. But there’s nothing urgent to be done, nowhere to go (I don’t even think the markets are open today, but we have lots and lots of goodies in stock anyway), and we can sit around the fire in sweats and do whatever we want. I love it. :)

Kip was better today. After last Tuesday, and the killer lesson where Sally worked us on transitions (trot, exactly four strides of walk, TROT!!!), Kip was less than happy about working in the arena again. The next time I rode him, he was extremely nappy and refused to move. I could force him into a walk, but he would baulk and stop and back up. I got off, lunged his ass off, then got back on, same nappiness. Again and again and again, for an hour. He finally gave me one circle at trot and I jumped off and made a big deal of him, before he could be naughty again. Then I cried, I was so angry and frustrated. Damned pigheaded horse.

The problems continued. He does have a touch of mud fever on his hind legs, which are very sore, but he’s not off enough to not work – he’s just the kind of horse that gets a cold and thinks he’s dying. Today Jane went into the arena with me with a lunge whip and we schooled around her; after a few pops with the whip he was moving out quite well (aside from trying to escape through the side door each time he came around, as it was frozen open and I couldn’t shut it).

We watched an interesting programme last night, Flashmob: The Opera. Not entirely successful, but a great idea (filming the main characters on subways and in the train station, with musicians here and there and a final flashmob chorus). Say what you will about all of the DIY, reality and house buying/selling shows, they do have some excellent TV programmes here. The history programmes are wonderful, and there is a lot of non-mainstream TV that would never get financing, let alone be shown on primetime TV in the States.

Well, back to the computer for some real work, not just pissing about on LJ. I’m going to go back to the blog system that I’d written ages ago and try to figure out how to add threaded comments to the entries. Or I may just piss around on LJ for awhile more. :P

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