MM Respec

In preparation for the patch, I respecced Kitsune as MM, and went to hit the training dummies in Ironforge. Prior to the respec, I was doing roughly 2426 dps without buffs and with regular bullets (1604 me and 724 cat). Afterwards, I admittedly hadn’t a clue what my shot rotation should be, since I really suck at theorycrafting, but I was doing around 2100, with cat dps dropping to around 350.

I’m a bit worried about no longer using a macro, not because of laziness but because of our usual sucky lag, and also all the fights where you cannot take your eyes off the environment in order to watch cooldowns. I think that dps will drop substantially without a macro. On the 3 drakes fight, for example – there’s so much to watch that I don’t think you could sit there and watch cooldowns without dying in a fire wall or a void zone.

I did do a search for MM shot rotation macros, for the above fights, but couldn’t come up with anything recent.

For the moment, I will keep my cat Pantalaimon. If pet dps is going to be that poor, however, I would probably look for something fun, something that I like the looks of. Armour debuffs and so on are generally useless in a 25-man raid, since they don’t stack (poor worm!).

Prior to TBC, I was MM from the start – all raid hunters were. After TBC, Blizz kind of forced everyone to be BM. And now, it seems that we’re all supposed to go MM again and spam Arcane Shot and Chimera. I’ve just forgotten how to play this spec properly.  :/

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